Premium Grade Isolation Transformer

undefinedThe ONYX K-Factor power distribution transformer is a premium grade, low voltage, dry type, isolation transformer designed for powering critical loads.  The K-Factor series of transformers safely isolates the distribution system from hazards of harmonics and power disturbances.


Thermal management, noise suppression, demonstrated field reliability and lead time as little as two weeks are key features that set the K-Factor apart from the competition.



High efficiency options result in significant cost savings (meets or exceeds TP-1/Energy Start standards)

Electrostatic shield between windings attenuates common mode and normal mode noise

200% rated neutral bus manages harmonics and non-linear loads without risk of excessive heating

K-20 rating accommodates nonlinear loads without the risk of heat build-up

Large copper flat bus bar connections accommodate overloads without the risk of spot heating

Dual 240°C Nomex barrier and vacuum impregnated varnish coating ensures 25 year life

Single or Dual Output (dual zig-zag) models

Optional integrated distribution panel and current monitoring

UL 1561, UL 1449, cUL listed

10 year manufacture warranty 


ONYX is experienced in offering both custom as well as standard inventory offering through the K-Factor power distribution series.  Regardless of your application, requirements or timeline, you can rely on ONYX for dependable integrated power magnetics solutions.