PowerPak2 PDU


The PowerPak2 PDU provides intelligent and flexible power distribution through a 42" x 40" cabinet housing a 100 kVA - 400 kVA transformer. 

With hundreds of possible distribution configurations, PowerPak 2 PDU is the smallest power distribution unit with true front accessibility in today’s market.

A patent pending 3D access window allows true front access (TFA) for service and maintenance while offering panel board and/or sub feed distribution in the main cabinet. PowerPak 2 offers up to 400kVA DOE2016 transformer and incorporates compartmentalized design in order to isolate low and high voltage components.





WaveStar Series Power Distribution Unit

undefinedWaveStar monitoring built into our PDUs give you real-time control of actual loads down to the individual breaker level. This important decision-making tool integrates PDI’s BCMS and Intelligent Monitoring System so you control system-wide performance, breaker power levels, along with current and voltage data. This means improved, more timely decisions can be made based on real-time load and capacity data, all in one interactive and monitoring package. The PDI WaveStar PowerHub PDU provides the highest available power density of any PDU. PDI’s award winning intelligent monitoring system is standard with these units.






PowerHub Power Distribution Unit

undefinedThe PDI WaveStar® PowerHub™ Power Distribution System provides the highest available power density of any PDU. PDI’s award winning PDIQ intelligent monitoring system is standard with these units; this system integrates the proven PDU monitoring with PDI’s patented Branch Circuit Monitoring System and allows precise load control and management. Together these features result in less floor space, lower energy costs, higher density power, and better reliability. Central welded bus on the input and the output allows true front access and simplifies ongoing maintenance. Ultra high efficiency data centre grade transformer for energy cost savings. Reduces power distribution footprint by up to 50% and offers the highest available power PDU density.