Emergency Power Generators

Choosing effective emergency power generators will assure you of stable, safe, and reliable power even in a prolonged emergency.


Diesel Generators

  • 20kW to 1000kW
  • Three Phase 208V, 480V, 600V
  • Ideal for heavy construction sites, mining, and timbering operations, industrial plants, and commercial buildings
  • Can be paralleled to meet any output requirements
  • Indoor or Outdoor
  • Critical Grade Silencers
  • Advanced design completely eliminates exciter lag during "load on" transients
  • A heavy-duty, four cycle industrial engine supplies power and offers self-diagnostic features to help prevent shutdowns


Natural Gas Generators

  • 20kW to 288kW
  • Three Phase 208V, 480V, 600V
  • Operate from a constant, low-cost fuel source
  • No on-site liquid fuel storage required
  • Indoor or Outdoor
  • Critical Grade Silencers
  • Engineered with low-pressure gas systems to avoid the need for expensive compressors
  • Permanent magnet excitation provides the industry's fastest response times, plus superior motor starting capabilities


Automatic Transfer Systems

  • Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Applications
  • International Operating Voltages & Frequencies
  • Single Phase & Three Phase
  • Specialized Sub Distribution Rack Mount ATS
  • 20 Amp to 4000 Amp
  • ATS (Automatic Transfer Switches)
  • Automatic Transfer and Bypass Isolation Switches
  • Solid State Transition Transfer Switch
  • Synchronizing and Paralleling Systems
  • Custom Configurations